Saturday, September 4, 2010

Between The Hedges

What's that coming down the track? A big machine in RED and BLACK. Nothing finer in the land . . .
and here's a few pictures to prove it!

Somewhere in this sea of trombones is Taylor in his


Posing for his Aunt Sissy!

Sounded good, kid!!

Isn't Heather looking terrific in her 1st-Ever trip Between the Hedges!!

Emily looking great in her last year as a Georgette!

The little boys even got in some football of their own during tailgating.

While the girls just prissed around ~ true Southern belles during football time in the South . . . sporting their game-day Red and Black! The little ones weren't very happy about being buckled up when it was time to go to the game ~ Two little Priss Pots for sure!

Yum, yum . . . nothing like those Lettermen Club's hotdogs!
Kaleb, those doughnuts were pretty good, too, huh?

Anna Grace and her favorite Redcoats ~ she braved the crowd and the heat with Mimi after the game to get up close. Notice the paper in her hand . . . a special picture for "Miss Heather."

Now, I might be a little bit proud . . . but these 2 just have to be the cutest kids between the hedges today! Job well done, kiddos, and I'm so proud of you both!

In case you missed it . . . there was something else happening between the hedges today . . . a Football Game . . . AND the DAWGS WON!!!!
Way to go Dawgs!!

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