Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Summer Sands Part 2

Were you tired after yesterday's post? Mimi was, but there's still more to follow. You've been busy girls for sure!

~ More Summer Sands~

Did a little dancing . . . (at recital and a wedding)

Visited a few theme parks (1 on the hottest day of summer ~ ) & sold a little lemonade . . .

Played a little softball . . .
Tried some new sports . . .

Did a little sewing . . .
Visited some little fishes . . . Even caught a few fishes & celebrated with slushes . . . (thanks, Mr. Terry for helping us) Built a few sand castles & jumped a few waves . . . (both families got to enjoy 2 trips to the beach this summer, WOW!!)

And, of course, we must throw in all the other special activities Mimi has already posted about like Cousins Camp. This summer season has been busy, busy, busy but Mimi & Granddaddy wouldn't trade even one second of it ~ we just feel so blessed to be included in all your activities ~ to watch you grow and to see the wonder in your eyes as you experience new things. You are 5 very special little princesses ~ Mimi's Fabulous Five ~ and I just about explode thinking about the tremendous fun we're in for in the years ahead; but, I'm going to take it one season at a time and try to embrace all God blesses us with through your lives. Because . . .
tomorrow night at 11:09 EST, the hourglass flips again & we're back in the race ~ this time, Mimi's thinking it's more like a race of survival with the R.E.A.L.L.Y. busy FALL schedules you have. It's Mimi's wish as we experience these grains of sand that make up our Fall season ~ the Sands through our Hourglass ~ we take time to praise the one who gave us this sand and for the abilities and talents bestowed on us that allows us to endure and even sometimes succeed. Praise Him for the hurts and disappointments as well as the joys and triumphs. Praise Him for the interuptions as well as the schedules completed on time. Praise Him all during "The Days of Our Lives" and may we live each of those days so that when our hourglass has flipped for the very last time we will be able to hear . . .
"His lord said unto him, Well done, good and faithful servant; thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord."
Matthew 25:23



  1. Mimi,
    Looks like you had a fantastic summer! I love all of your photos! Your girls are precious! Seems like my girls were that age yesterday and today they are 17 and 18! My oldest graduated from high school this past June and my youngest just started her Senior year! Praising God we have been able to send them to a Christian school all the way through high school! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the lovely comments!

  2. Hey Mimi! Thanks for your sweet words on my blog today.....and Oh MY...what a beautiful analogy on your blog today about the Sands thru your Hourglass! I was blessed with my first grandchild this yr(a bebe girl after raising all boys!)and there is truly nothing like it. Yet, time is slipping by so quickly that I sometimes pray I will not miss a dingle dangle second.....and your photos are awesome!!

  3. and p.s........that wouldn't be a Georgia flag on your banner, would it? heehee...I'm LSU all the way!!