Monday, September 6, 2010

Today is LABOR DAY . . .

and you girls know what that means . . . but in case you need a little refresher like I always did ~ from the original Queen Bee herself . . .
"No WHITE after Labor Day ~ and while you're at it . . . just go ahead and put up those sandals and open-toed shoes, as well," said your Granny, who, of course, learned it from her Southern Mama, my Granny. Can't you just hear her now? She meant business, too!

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Y. E. S. even though it's still hot as blazes here in the South and even though EVERYONE else still was wearing white and sandals!!! It didn't matter . . . that was Granny's rule and you didn't break it. And if you tried, you just had to go back and change before you could leave the house . . . guess how I know that? Only ones allowed to wear white after Labor Day in our house were the men--big and little--because white shirts and ties were the attire for church. Yes, they were; no exceptions! I mean, even you toddlers had to have black shoes for winter!

Poor David, bless his heart, he would have been in big trouble with Granny if she had seen him in his whatever-you-call-them sandals and socks in the dead of winter on his way to church!! And do you think that's why I prefer to wear flipflops until there's snow on the ground--I said, prefer--not that I do it . . . well, at least not out in public!

So, while you're just 'lazing' around on this holiday, go ahead and clean out your closets for you and your girls. Change your 'WHITE' for 'WINTER WHITE' . . . . put away the 1,000 pairs of flipflops you all have and those 3 inch sandals that make you both so much taller than me. . . . . . Oh, I almost forgot, those halter tops will have to be boxed up until after May 1, as well.

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Now you'll be 'Stepping Out In Southern Style' on Tuesday and Granny will be smiling down knowing that THE RULE continues to be passed on regardless of what EVERYONE ELSE is doing!


I hear you laughing, Beth, and, Amanda, I just know what you're thinking with that little grin on your face. . . I really can't make you or your girls go back and change. But I did my part . . . I said it . . . and will say it again because I don't want your Granny mad at me . . . NO WHITE AFTER LABOR DAY!! Now go take those white dresses off the hangers like your Mama said!!!


  1. Oh, Mrs. are cracking me up! My momma got all over me yesterday about wearing white after Labor Day...she said I was forewarned. ;) You know Granny Stella would chase me with a hickory if I did that! LOL!

  2. So sorry but I think the tradition stops here! I must be teaching my little southern ladies at least one bad habit but as for the England house...we will be wearing our open toed shoes until at least October! Until the temps stay below 95, my feet must breathe!!! I can assure you though, granny, they will not be white! But you also know I have a complex about putting my sweet little girls in black shoes (or clothes unless it is uga). Maybe I worry the "darkeness" will rub off on them. Silly, I know, but pink and white seem so much more innocent!

  3. I do agree, Mande, but remember that was 30 something years ago and white, black or brown were our only choices for little shoes . . . and shhhhhhh, don't tell Granny but you know your Mama has on her flipflops but they're black!! (LOL) I know you nor your girls will be wearing white now and Beth did "labor" on her closets on her day off so the C girls won't be wearing white either! Granny would prefer our little ladies to look "little" in pastels and ruffles as long as they could. Love you!!

  4. Being from Southern California, I never learned that rule! We always wore whatever we wanted- as long as it was modest. That's the rule in our house too! Thanks for stopping by my blog for a visit! :)