Friday, August 19, 2011

The Final Showing of CCIII

Day 3 didn't turn out at all like Mimi had planned months ago.  The "Plan" . . . all day in the mountains at the State Park hiking, canoeing, minature golf, swimming in the lake and playing on the 'beach.'  The "Reality" . . . Mimi was still too much under the weather to tackle that so . . .

We had our own games after breakfast ~ yes, ya'll slept in your camp shirts and dashed out to play after adding shorts under your shirts.  Oh, the joys of Green Acre Camp!

No trip to the acre is ever complete without your works of art decorating the front walk.  With no rain, the beautiful work stayed for weeks.

After getting hot, sweaty, and dirty from all the play and bug catching, what better way to cool off . . .

than swimming at Miss Sheila's! She and Mr. Jim are so sweet to let us use their pool during camp.  Isn't the water beautiful?

Then on our last night because the "bigs" wanted it so badly, we put out the Glam Camp Out decorations on the bottom patio (between the sprinkle showers) and had our own private little party ~ not nearly as much fun as when all Mimi's friends and their granddaughters join us for "Mimi and Me" play date; but it worked -- ya'll got to dress for the occasion and Mimi's weeks of work didn't go completely to waste.

Aren't ya'll just gorgeous??!!
(never mind that Mimi didn't get the backdrop wide enough.)

Instead of the hotdogs and s'mores we were supposed to cook over the open fire, we had Zaxby's chicken and cupcakes ~ we did get to drink our "Star Spangled" punch from our little fruit jars, though.

Isn't there a little fable about "the best laid plans" . . .

Mimi's certainly went by the wayside, but you sweet girls didn't mind.  We improvised and had a great time!

The other parts of the Glam Camp Out

The Scavenger Hunt and the "Hayride"

took place bright and early the last morning

 The Red Team

The Blue Team

Great job on finding everything on your lists ~ thanks to Granddaddy for finding the bird feather!

 Our "hayride" around the neighborhood ~ wish we'd gotten the hay after all the bumps in the road!  Thanks, Granddaddy for a great ride!!

Then after lunch and a good bath, it was "So Long" to Green Acre Camp for Girls for this year!

We love you all the muches and can't wait til Cousins Camp IV!

~ Mimi ~

Just have to share this little side note . . . the other day I was visiting one of my friends who always come to our Mimi and Me party . . . the granddaughter answered the door and ran to get my friend . . . with this explanation of who was at the door . . . "Grandmother, the Mimi who does our Cousins Camp Party is here."

So, yes girls, we'll be hosting "Mimi and Me" at CCIV, if, as Gran would say, the Lord's willing!

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  1. HOW did I miss these Cousin Camp posts??????? I just read through all of them....seems you were sick the whole time! I am so sorry. I am assuming it was from the stings? Everything looked great and I know the girls had a GREAT time!