Monday, August 22, 2011

They're Moving Closer!!!

The newlyweds, my handsome nephew and his beautiful wife, are moving closer to home.

YEAH, precious couple!!

After living and working for a year in Charlotte, NC, they are moving closer . . . not all the way home, but closer, at least!!

Uncle Man and Aunt Sissy are so glad we had the opportunity to visit ya'll in Charlotte last fall.  Oh no, D . . . I just realized we won't get to have breakfast at that great little shop anymore.  Well, I'll certainly give up those delicious pancakes and yummy syrup just to have ya'll closer!  It'll be like a family reunion every time the Dawgs play this fall!


Aunt Sissy loves you all the muches, sweet boy!!


  1. Is somebody making Athens home again!!!! It's funny to me that the one child that pop thought he might have converted into a GA "tech" fan is the very one that keeps going back to the sweet land of bulldawg country!!! I love it, Dave!! So proud for you both!

  2. Where did you eat in Charlotte? Did it happen to be The Flying Biscuit?