Friday, August 26, 2011

The Visitors . . .

. . . came again this morning as I was "piddling" in the backyard.  It's so hot Mimi can only work outside a little while before noon ~ this morning's chore was cutting down those tall yellow iris Granddaddy hates.  I decided to take a break and started to the house when a movement toward the vegetable garden caught my eye.

They were here!!

At first I only saw Mama looking at me as if to ask permission to eat.  I quickly told her to go ahead and I would go in and not bother her.  I hurried up the stairs to get Granddaddy to look out our bedroom window and, low and behold, there were more!

There were 4 of them ~ a mama, last year's baby, and this year's twins ~ they were eating the left-over beans from where Granddaddy had taken up the stakes and let them fall on the ground. On most of their earlier visits, they had eatten okra leaves completely off the stalks, leaving just bare sticks standing.  Granddaddy took a picture with his camera but it wasn't close enough so Mimi found this one on the web.  With a mama and twins, it could have been them except the area of the yard where they were isn't this green now.  Just picture another one slightly shorter than mama and the picture would be complete.

Aren't they beautiful?
Don't you like my Friday morning visitors?

Mimi's just so excited to have them visit because at our country area we would have as many as 15 in the yard at one time.

Something spooked them  . . . Granddaddy called, "Hurry, they're in the front yard."   Mama, older sister, and one of the twins had dashed quickly to cover.  When I got there, all I saw was the last baby skipping along to find mama.  She reminded me so much of you, Ailee, always doing your own thing and getting left far behind.  As she skipped away, I dashed to Adelynn's room, but all I saw out the window was little "ailee" crossing the ditch and back again looking for the others.  I sure hope she finds her mama and siblings soon.

Goodbye, Friday Visitors!  Ya'll hurry back now, ya hear!!

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