Monday, August 29, 2011

Together Again!

Even though it was a working weekend for the Mama's . . .

 Aren't they pretty?  Of course, I think so!!

The Cousins were together again!!

And just look at the off-spring!!  Perfect Models!
Mimi's Fabulous Five!

You see, Mama of the A girls has another new job ~~

She's now a Matilda Jane Clothing Trunkkeeper and Mama of the C girls hosted a party for her.  It was a very eventful ride up on Friday night (2 quick pitstops on the side of the road and a roundabout detour) but there was a great turnout for the party and, of course, the giggles and games made it all worthwhile.

Busy weekend for everyone:  Daddy of the C girls had a 3-day golf tournament and was home only for the night we arrived; CJ had fall Flight basketball tryouts on Saturday morning; Mama B dashed home from tryouts, changed clothes and was ready to party;  while AC was determined to learn to ride CE's bike without training wheels.

Still dressed in your pj's, you all hurried outside after breakfast for CE to give a little bike-riding expedition before coaching AC as Granddaddy helped her steady the bike.

Just look at you go!!
Way to ride, Ailee; Great coaching, Cybil!!

Love the contrast in these two pics ~
in the top one complete concentration as she's trying to get her balance; then, a smile of accomplishment in the bottom one showing she's got it under control!

AG was not going to be outdone--she found her a new car!

Unfortunately, Cybil and Adelynn weren't still long enough for pictures.  Mimi's going to have to do something about this outside pj wearing, I guess.  I think I hear Gran fussing at me, something about being little Southern ladies.

Quick baths and ya'll were ready to be MJ models . . . well, when you weren't playing "Life" and eating all the party snacks!

Thanks for having us for a quick visit, C girls and family!!  We had a great time as usual but it will be a long dry spell on the Acre until Thanksgiving without a house full of giggles!

Mimi's silly Monkeys!!

I love all of you all the muches, even with gum hanging out of your mouth!!

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