Sunday, August 14, 2011

Part II . . .

The arrival!

Everyone remembered your registration forms!

Mimi traded the registration forms for a list of camp rules, camp agendas, and camp t-shirts.  After a short meeting to go over the rules, we were ready for the fun to begin!

First on the agenda was opening the present Mrs. Charlotte and Emily brought by for us.  Isn't the patriotic wind decoration so pretty?  Ya'll couldn't wait to hang it up outside! 

Thanks so much Mrs. Charlotte and Emily!!!

Because Mimi and Granddaddy didn't get to see the parade, ya'll felt sorry for us and decided to have one of your own.  Great job, girls!!!  I'm sure no parade could have ever been better! 

The final pose!

The parade quickly turned into a beauty pageant complete with talent competition and question/answer sessions.  Boy, ya'll are good!!  I know you didn't like the decision that everyone was a "Miss Something" winner; but you were all so wonderful we couldn't pick just one!

After dinner we had to have our 4th of July fireworks show ~ only the sparklers must have gotten wet before Mimi bought them because they didn't work so great.  They were supposed to change colors and burn for a long time.  Sorry girls . . . next year Mimi will have to do better.

 Day 2 ~ Riding Dooley

Since this year's camp was designed around a true "camp" theme, horsebacking riding just had to be on the agenda.  Bright and early Tuesday morning we traveled to Mr. Waymon's to see the horses and ride Dooley.  Ya'll looked like you had been on a horse all your lives.  Just take a look!

Then later that afternoon . . .

 All cleaned and dressed in your camp t-shirts, ready for . . .
Dinner and A Movie!

(yes, we had to trade our "Mimi and Me" Glam Camp Out Party for the movies and dinner because Mimi just wasn't up to partying with our big crowd . . . maybe next year!!)

There's tons more pictures of all our fun but Mimi's saving those for your scrapbook, okay?

2 more days to go . . . stay tuned!

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