Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's Now Official . . . Summer's Over!!

Yep, the Fabulous Five Stairsteps are now all back in school.

The older A girls started way back on August 3rd ~ AG is now a 2nd grader while AC is in Kindergarten.  Hope this year goes really s.l.o.w.!

Little AM started 2 year old preschool today while Mommy hit the classroom again as a 4 year old preschool teacher.  Bet the memories of past years in the classroom came flooding back as your were cleaning up the first "upchuck" of the year ~ what a way to begin your first day!  "TA-DA, Adelynn!"

As the oldest, CJ started 3rd grade in her new school today. Can you just slow down a little?

Little CE has been in "school" most of the summer while Mommy was working.  But, as she told me earlier when I had asked what she learned that day, "Mimi, it's summer; we don't learn anything now, we just play."  Guess you can start learning again since you're in 4 year old preschool with Miss Dot!

Where did the summer go?

The temperatures are still here but the lazy, hazy days of doing nothing are now gone.  With school comes ballet classes, violin lessons, fall league travel softball, fall Flight basketball, soccer plus a host of other activities Mimi can't even remember now.  Busy, busy, busy are the lives of parents with young children. That's why Mimi's doing alot of praying for safe travel, peaceful nights, injury free activities; but, especially . . .

the prayer on the plaque that was my Mother's Day present from all of my babies, bigs and littles. I pray this not only for the littles but for the bigs, too.

Mimi hopes your new school year is the best one yet, girls ~ have fun and make lots of new friends.  Oh yes, you might want to do your homework and learn a little, too!

Love you all the muches!!

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  1. I want to get this picture frame. Can you tell me if there is any info. on the back as to the name of the company, etc? If not, maybe you can tell me where they bought it so I can order it or send you the $ to get it for me.?????